Saturday, 12 January 2013

Busy on the Ben!

I headed up North Gully on the Ben nice and early today to avoid the crowds which were expected after a nice forecast. I was very glad I did! There was already a team ahead of me who kindly let me skip the queue. The first pitch was nice but fairly thin with a couple of mixed moves about half way. The second was better though there was a small amount of soft slab. This didn't really pose a problem though as the quantities were small.  A quick stop at the top then a decent down No. 4 which was in good condition.

North Gully (II)

Team on Green gully

I saw teams on a very thin looking first pitch of Green Gully, No.'s 2,3,4 and 5 gullies and spoke to some folk heading to look at Comb gully, No.2 Gully Buttress, Good Friday Climb and Gardyloo gully too.
Snow forecast tomorrow so lets up its a return to proper winter!