Thursday, 18 December 2014

Solitude on a soggy Ben!

Today I was guiding Erik and his son Chip from Chicago on Ben Nevis. A nice early start and we were well under way before it got light.
Last night's thaw was a bit more extensive than the forecast suggested and we were wading through slush and soft snow pretty much up to Maclean's Steep. From there things got a bit more icy and we put crampons on for the descent of this icy section. There wasn't really any fresh snow today either, but we were treated to some freezing rain covering everything in a rather unhelpful layer of ice!
Still, the guys were full of enthusiasm and really embraced the 'Scottish' weather and conditions!

We only saw another team of two on the zig zags whilst on our way down so it felt like we had the mountain pretty much to ourselves!