Thursday, 19 February 2015

Challenging weather on the Ben

Today was a chance for Juniper to put into practice some of the skills we'd looked at the past couple of days ( as well as climbing Ben Nevis!). Some icy rain at the car park this morning warned us it was going to be a testing day. We had a nice break in the weather until about Corner 3 on the  Zig Zags after which the wind and snow started. Yesterday's thaw had certainly stripped the snow back a bit but very quickly things were getting topped up by the new stuff! We made it to the summit in good time but the weather started to get pretty gnarly as we left with zero visibility at times in the spindrift. Still, Juniper soldiered on (with the help of a belay jacket!) and we eventually found the Zig Zags where we'd left them at corner 6.

Winter face!

 Great to have the comfort zone stretched a bit today in the conditions!