Monday, 16 March 2015

'Action'on Gearr Aonach

Yesterday I was working for Abacus Mountain Guides on a rather unusual job! Vodafone were wanting a dramatic place to film and photograph someone taking a 'selfie' for an ad campaign so I headed up the Zig Zags and onto the edge of Gearr Aonach. It was quite a change working but not having anyone to look after! The weather was absolutely glorious again and I did stop to think how great it was to have all of this as my workplace.
The chopper arrived about midday and I was given my instructions from the director. This varied from moving about a bit, pretending I was on the phone, to taking a picture, acting annoyed and eventually playing air guitar! The helicopter returned a couple of hours later to do some stills.
As I said, quite an unusual day and I'll be intrigued to see the finished product! :)

What an amazing selfie ;)

The helicopter circling before the next shots!

Glencoe at it's best!