Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Week of Contrasts

Wednesday saw my first bit of 'Summer' work for West Highland College. Dennis, Julie and I were working with students to look at aspects of leadership in the mountains. With the snowline still being quite low, we kept even lower and had a great wander in Glenfinnan. Plenty of scenarios for the students from blisters and grumpy clients to broken ankles and missing people!

I had an unexpected day off on Thursday and Steve asked if I'd be keen to go climbing. With a great forecast and good conditions reported, there was only one answer to that! We headed up Observatory Gully and decided that Ordinary Route (V,5) on Observatory Buttress was too inviting to walk past! Great ice, weather and company and really enjoyable climbing meant for a superb day!

Heading up Observatory Gully (pic Steve)

Steve on P1

Me on P2 (pic by Steve)

More great climbing
Happy chappies! (pic by Steve)

We had a big thaw over Friday and Saturday and today I was back up the Ben with Mia and Nathan on the Mountain Track. The thaw was evident from early on but there was still plenty of snow around even on the track. A great effort from the pair who managed up and down in around 7 hours. First time in crampons too!

With high pressure forecast this week, looks like Spring will be making and appearance!

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