Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Back on track....

Things have been slowly but steadily improving recently with my back injury so I've been getting back out to the hills and working a (slightly!) reduced schedule. It's been great getting back to work and I've had some fantastic days out. Getting 3 sunny days up Tower Ridge in the same week was definitely a treat at the end of last month!

First Tower Ridge of the week with Les...

Second with Hannah....

And third with Stu and Kaine ( and Andy observing)

And a trip up Ledge Route with Richard and Amy

I had the privilege of working on my Carpe Diem Day for Nevis Landscape Partnership with Kate and Rob. We had originally planned on Observatory Ridge but with things looking wet, we decided on North East Buttress. This was very slippy but Kate and Rob are strong climbers and cruised it! Great to leave the mountain in a cleaner state after climbing a classic route!

The 40ft Corner- a wee bit damp!

Blue skies at the end of the day!

Our haul from the summit!

I've had a few more trips up Ledge Route and Tower Ridge this last week too...

Stunning conditions with Rebecca

A grand day out with Ben and Richie

I've also started work with this years first year degree students at West Highland College. As usual, they're a great bunch and I'm looking forward to some hill days and climbing with them over the coming few weeks.

This weekend I was working on the Salomon Glencoe Skyline Race as part of the safety team. This was an inspiring event to be a part of and I was super impressed by the amazing performances by the runners and the event organisation by Shane and his team. Great to work with fellow Mountain Instructors Iain, Max, Gillian and Jamie too.

Worth the early start for views like this!

Yesterday I was back out on Tower Ridge with Ian. Ian has had his eye on this route for a few years and it never fails to impress!

After having an MRI scan done I'm pleased to be told I won't be needing spinal surgery. However, it will mean taking it easyish over the next 2 or 3 months, which is sometimes easier said than done!