Sunday, 14 April 2013

End of the season round up

 It's been a nice gentle end to the winter season for me with a few bits of work to wind down.Glenda and I took Robin for a wee trip to Glencoe and went for a quick walk up the track behind the King's House for some great views down the Glen.

Last week I took Aakesh, Razia and Anuja up Meal an t-Suidhe. Aakesh, who was just about to turn 8 was keen to climb the Ben but due to the full winter conditions, we decided on this. The team did really well and we rewarded with some great views over to the Ben, west to Glenfinnan and beyond. We even managed to build a very impressive snow man! Good effort guys!

Last weekend I was working for Max Ad and took Andy for a day of winter skills on Aonach Mor. We covered ice axe arrest, cramponing, step cutting, step kicking and self belay. The next day we headed up the Ben. As usual, the path pretty much disappears at corner 6 on the Zig-Zags. Some people who were not well kitted out in trainers, no map etc managed to scrape their way to the summit and back. It's still winter up there folks and needs to be treated as such!
Well done to Andy who pushed hard to make it to the summit and down safely.

Our Winter Classroom for the day!

Andy well wrapped up on top of the Ben!

Tower Ridge still in good winter nick

I reckon I've finished the winter climbing for the season so time to hang up the tools. No doubt there will still be some climbing to be done but I'm getting the head ready for rock climbing now and really looking forward to it! A big thank you to all the climbing partners that made this winter season truly memorable, in particular Kev and Davie. Cheers guys!

A short video of a collection of pics from this season can be found here