Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Orion Direct (V,5)

It's been a great winter climbing season so far and with cold weather and good conditions continuing to last, it wasn't quite time to hang up the tools just yet. I'd been super keen to get on Orion Direct (V,5) to complete the classic Nevis trilogy of Zero, Point Five and Orion and yesterday Davie and I finally got a chance to get on it. As a friend told me, some routes are hyped up and fall short of the hype. Despite all the hype and being a classic, Orion exceeds it all! The climbing was enjoyable and interesting, though never super strenuous or technical. Runners were few and belays required a bit of thought but overall just an amazing route.It has a truly Alpine feel and it really makes me realise what an outstanding achievement it was for Smith and Marshall to climb it in 1960, cutting steps! I know I'll be back on it again next season for sure!

A great pic from Al Halewood of us on the final couple of pitches- really shows the scale of the route

Pitch 1

Pitch 2

seconding Pitch 2

Belay on pitch 3

Pitch 4

Traverse on Pitch 5

Pitch 6

Davie seconding Pitch 7

Exit Chimney, Pitch 8- a great pitch!

Topping out on Pitch 9!

What a day!